21 May

As me and my family (except my son), moved to Florida a couple of years ago, I get this question all the time, from friends, customers and business associates, why did you move to Florida?  why I didn't think of any other state?

Well, I had in mind for a while that it was time to leave Texas, after 30 years of living there, not that is a bad state, I have great memories, my kids were born there and I was able to get my kids ahead in life as a single mom, so I am very grateful with the state of Texas which gave me work opportunities, but as I always thought, "changes are good", changes give us the opportunity to control our life in something we can enjoy, (and I decided to enjoy the sun and the ocean)!

The journey Started

I'll be honest, I chose Florida googling : "Best places to live in Florida", most people laugh when I tell them this, but it's true, I got beautiful pictures of sanibel island and I saw the city next to that island, Fort Myers and I set my mind to live there, so I just took the decision, sold my house and mostly everything I owned, in the middle of the pandemia, packed and hit the road to a new home state, I was brave because I had no job, no business, no family, I did not know anybody here, so it might be a scary bold decision for most people, but not for me, I was never scared, I was actually excited.

I trust my guts and I was really happy to move here and start a new chapter in my life, soon after we moved here, I got new friends, a job and a house, later I got a business and now I am sharing my story to inspire others, not only to help in the process of purchasing a property here in beautiful Florida but to inspire them and let people know, changes are good as I do not regret moving to Florida. 

This videos will show you some beautiful places I've visited when I first moved here and was exploring ! that's the most exciting part and of course THE WEATHER! escaping from the COLD weather is a major factor most people make the move! 

If you feel that you need a change in your life like this, JUST DO IT!!

By Dalia Alvarado.

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